Blake Lively Gave Ryan Reynolds A Ponytail After Cutting His Hair

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are at it again. This time, Blake has given Ryan a haircut we won't be forgetting anytime soon.

We've all learned a lot of hard lessons during this quarantine - one of them being, men without barbers is a recipe for disaster. We don't know about you, but without their regular trips to the barbers, the men in our lives are really struggling. So a lot of us have taken matters into our own hands - and so has none other than Blake Lively.

The internet has followed Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' relationship since the beginning - never have we seen a couple so in love yet so dead set on trolling each other. And we love it.

According to MTV News, at the beginning of April, Ryan announced that his wife was going to cut his hair, saying she had done it before.

He said:

"She's done this once before.

It took two and a half hours, and then at the end, it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter, or those gloves that are made of sandpaper."


Recalling her handiwork, Blake decided to share a picture in an attempt to destroy her husband's heartthrob status.

Source: Instagram / @blakelively

She shared a picture of the tiny little ponytail she put in her hubby's hair the last time she attempted to give him a haircut. Let's face it, we've all done it (or at least been tempted).

Never one to be outdone, Ryan shared the picture himself, replying with "clearly your birth control doesn't work, so...", implying that she clearly still fancies him, even with a tiny blue ponytail.

Source: Instagram / @vancityreynolds

We are obsessed with his pair and their shenanigans.

Have you given your partner or kids a quarantine hair cut yet? Was it as bad as Blake's attempt? Let us know!

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