Mark Wahlberg Takes To Instagram To Reveal His Quarantine Makeover

This adorable video from Mark Wahlberg reveals what really happens to parents when they're quarantined with their daughters.

So we're coming into the third week of having the kids at home and it really doesn't get any easier, does it? Although, a little bit of acceptance is starting to creep in, and with that, you may find yourself doing some activities with the kids that you never usually would have done.

One celebrity dad who can certainly relate to this is none other than Mark Wahlberg, who took to Instagram yesterday to share what he has been getting up to during his fifteen days of quarantine.

He shared a video of himself sitting at his kitchen table with his daughter who is clearly bursting with happiness as she paints her dad's nails a very bright shade of bubblegum pink (to match his sweatshirt, no less).

In the video, Mark says:

"Fifteen days into quarantine now, I'm getting manicures, pedicures and apparently a full face of makeup! She's got her whole kit there".

He continued,

"So... yeah. This is what's happening now."

He shared the post with the simple caption "#quarantine."

A lot of parents could relate to Mark's pamper session with many praising him on how lovely it is that he has fun with his daughter's in this way.

One comment read:

"My best memories with my dad is him allowing me to play “beauty parlor” with him! #daddydaughtertime"

While another said:

"All great dads let’s their daughters do this ❤️ "

Maybe while being quarantined with our kids, we'll learn that they really do get the most fun and enjoyment out of spending one on one quality time with us. It's not about the fancy toys or coolest gadgets, it's about laughing at your dad's pink nail polish.

Come on dads, it's manicure time.

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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