The Benefits Of Hosting Birthday Parties In A Playcentre

Playcentres are a bit of a love or loathe for most parents.

Yes, there is an abundance of very little and very loud little ones in playcentres. No-one covers their mouths when they cough and you have ended up stuck in a narrow space trying to rescue a child more times than you care to remember. 

But on the other hand, for me, playcentres are a godsend. I feel like my local playcentre and I actually have a co-parenting agreement, my little ones are there so much.

It keeps my little ones entertained, busy and above all else burns off some energy.

Only recently since having a birthday party in the playcentre did I realise I am onto a winner. Having a birthday party there is a must.

Here’s why:

You barely see them.

Playcentres are busy. Excited children, bright colours and things you are allowed to climb on- you won’t be seeing them for the duration and you certainly won’t be hearing ‘I’m bored’.

Two boys in a playground
I feel like my local playcentre and I actually have a co-parenting agreement, my little ones are there so much.

The mess is not your responsibility.

If you have ever had a children’s birthday party at home you will know, the mess is torturous. A party you swore would stay in one or two rooms has erupted all over the house and even your hot press ends up trashed. When you have it in a playcentre that mess? Not your responsibility!

You don’t have to cook.

It can get overwhelming quickly when you are hosting a party at home. You have to keep up on drinks and food and if you are cooking, well let’s just say we have had a few ‘chargrilled’ pizzas in our at-home party days. Having a party in a playcentre means drinks, snacks, food and even cake are all taken care of.

You don’t even have to do the party bags.

Party bags are still very much a ‘thing’. They can be time-consuming and it can be difficult to know what to put in them. Butin most playcentres, they even look after the party bags for you.

You come home to a clean house at the end of it.

Probably the best feeling is coming home after your little one having a great party, to a clean untouched house. That’s if your house was clean, to begin with. Which for me, is wishful thinking!

Laura Doyle

Mum of four, Gentle parent living on coffee and trying always to stay positive and motivate in the midst of the madness.

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