Budget 2020: How Does It Affect Families?

We take a look at the main points and how Budget 2020 will affect families in Ireland.

The whole country recently eagerly awaited the details of the recent Budget 2020 announcement. The main points trickled in people took note of those changes that would affect their lives the most. Every person has a unique set of circumstances and for this reason, the budget is a very arbitrary thing. What is good news for one person is bad news for another.

We’ve had a look at the main points and how Budget 2020 will affect families in Ireland.

If members of your family receive a social welfare payment some of these changes may affect you. There have been several increases across the board due to a general increase of €690 million for the department of employment affairs and social protection. Job seekers benefit will now be offered at the full rate of €203 for twenty-five-year-old job seekers. Budget 2020 has announced that the Christmas bonus will also remain at 100% in the same manner as last year.

One-Parent family payments have been increased by €15 and an increase of €10 applies for the Working Family Payment. A reduction in USC rates of pay will also apply for medical cardholders. Over 70’s will see a fifty cent reduction in prescription costs also.

Free GP care has been increased from aged six to aged eight and children under six will now benefit from free dental care going forward. Both are welcomed developments for Irish parents and are set to become available from September 2020.

The Help To Buy Scheme was rumoured to be ending but has now received an extension until 2021. Stamp duty has been raised by 1.5% on non-residential properties and additional funding of €20 million has also been awarded to homeless services across the country.

The Residential Tenancies Board has received €2 million in additional funding which should positively impact tenants within a private rental agreement when issues may arise between tenant and landlord.

One of the most significant commitments was that which pertains to early years education and childcare. Finance Minister Paschal Donohue has announced a €54 million allocation towards these areas.

Budget 2020: How Does It Affect Families?
From November 2019 families who earn up to €100,000 may benefit from this new scheme.

Additional funding towards the Access And Inclusion Model is also most welcome. This will allow children with disabilities to participate fully in the two ECCE years. ECCE, in general, will remain available for two full years as with previous years.

Parents with low income will see an increase from fifteen to twenty hours of subsidised childcare available to them. The National Childcare Scheme is also a brand new incentive. It will offer additional subsidised childcare to families who may have never had access to it before. From November 2019 families who earn up to €100,000 may benefit from this new scheme.

Tusla has been awarded €31.2 and it is believed that part of this funding will improve services in general as well as reducing the number of children currently waiting for a social worker allocation as well as addressing the cost concerns in residential care homes.

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