Finding The Time To Upskill When You're A Busy Parent

Many parents have young families and while they are busy raising them, they may also want to upskill.

Whether it is to progress in their current job or for a complete career change, parents must work hard to try and juggle studying, work and family life.

Finding the time can be something of a challenge but it isn’t impossible either.

Here are some tips on finding the time to upskill when you’re a busy parent:

Look at your goal

Everyone has goals and if you have one strong enough, you’ll do anything to get it. Decide what it is, you want to achieve and why. Look at courses and training facilities that can offer you opportunities to grow.

Consider other things including, childcare, study space and what you may need.

Decide when and where

Upskilling is a great opportunity for anyone but when you’re a busy parent you need to carefully consider the time, days and duration of any training you will be undergoing.

The location of training is another factor as travelling time may be a considerate factor in managing the upskilling while you are juggling your busy life.

Check your schedule and make a mock schedule of how things would work if you were in class. 

Don’t take the leap unless it is right for you

We often think we can do something if we tear ourselves in two but before you sign up for courses, make sure you can ‘walk the walk’. Courses cost money and if you must leave after a few weeks it will have been a waste of time.

Look at the course itself and consider other factors like homework, study and fatigue. A weekly evening course may seem possible but there are the added pressures of catching up when home, being exhausted and struggling to manage everything. 

Ask for help

When you sign up to a course, ask for help whether it is your partner or other family members or friends. In most cases, courses and upskilling only run for a certain amount of time and they should be happy to help.

Don’t let everything get on top of you before you ask for some help - instead, ask before you start, and you’ll do better in class!


For some people, online training is the only way to go and thanks to the internet it is a great way to learn without leaving the house.

Do your research on good online courses though, as there are many to choose from.

Accept the madness

Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? Honestly, while home life may be a bit busier and the kids may miss you more, it is only for a certain amount of time.

If the upskilling offers you more life opportunities than it is in their interests, anyway. Accept the house may be chaotic and yes, you may find it hard juggling, but you’ll get through it. 

Be proud

It isn’t easy throwing yourself into challenging situations and upskilling (for whatever reason) is difficult. You should be proud of your ambition to do it and people should support you in your endeavour.

It is a great thing to put yourself out there and chase your dreams so do it and be proud!

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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