30 Three Letter Baby Names That You Will Absolutely Adore

We love these adorable three letter baby names.

There is so much pressure on parents when it comes to choosing a name. Firstly you have to figure out if you want something trendy, traditional, or totally unique, then both parents have to agree and most of all it's first things people learn about your child and will be a part of her or him for the rest of her life. Sounds scary, doesn't it? 

I once named a child four different names until we eventually settled and most importantly agreed on her name and I've no regrets. Take your time, make lists and say them out loud. Today we've compiled a list of some of our favourite three-letter baby names for both boys and girls.


  • Eva - is a Latin form of Eve and means 'life'.
  • Ivy -  a Greek name meaning 'Faithfulness'.
  • Sky - is of Scottish and English origin meaning 'adventurous'.
  • Rue - a traditional English name, literally meaning 'regret'.
  • Kya - is of African origin and means 'diamond in the sky'.
  • Mia - means 'mine or bitter'. It's an Italian name but Scandinavian short form of Maria.
  • Amy - is of Latin origin meaning 'beloved'.
  • Fay - a gorgeous name derived from Middle English faie meaning 'fairy'.
  • Ava - is a Latin name meaning 'Bird'. The Irish spelling of Ava is Aoibhe.
  • Dot - means 'gift of God' and is of Greek origin.
  • Mae - a name originally used as a pet form of Mary and Margaret meaning 'bitter or pearl'.
  • Ana - a variation of Hannah meaning 'grace'.
  • Nia - a Welsh variant of Niamh meaning 'bright'.
  • Rae - a unisex name and a short form of Raymond meaning 'wise protection'.
  • Aby - a short form of Abigail which means 'the father's joy'.


  • Ben - usually a nickname of Benjamin. Ben means 'son of the south' and comes from Hebrew origins.
  • Ted - an old English name meaning 'divine gift'.
  • Sam - a shortened version of Samuel. It is a Hebrew name meaning 'name of god'.
  • Ace - a boy's name of Latin origin meaning 'unity or one'.
  • Dax - of French origin and the name comes from a town in South-Western France dating from before the Roman occupation.
  • Tim - means 'to honour' of Greek origins.
  • Wes - a German name meaning 'the west meadow'.
  • Eli - is of Hebrew origins and means 'scent'.
  • Ned - a nickname for Edward meaning 'rich guard'.
  • Jax - a really cool name of Hispanic origin meaning 'hyacinth flower'.
  • Gus - a German name meaning 'revered or exalted'.
  • Leo - a super cute name meaning 'lion', it can also be a variation of Leonard.
  • Max - a strong Scottish name meaning 'greatest' and variations of Maximilian and Maxwell.
  • Kai - another unisex name meaning 'sea'.

Are any of your favourite names on the list?


Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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