10 Magical Baby Names Inspired By Our Favourite Animated Movies

Searching for a baby name that's a little more animated for your upcoming bundle of joy? Why not take some inspiration from some of our favourite animated movies!

Whatever your movie taste, there's something we can all agree on - animated movies are so much fun. So if you're looking for more unique baby names, why not take a leaf out of some animated movies from the past and the present.

Emmet (The LEGO Movie)

Everything is awesome when you're an Emmet. The main character of the LEGO Movie franchise (voiced by the one and only Chris Pratt) is an ever-helpful and happy-go-lucky guy. Emmet means "universal, powerful, or truth".

Gomez (The Addams Family)

With so many versions of The Addams Family out there, this relaxed and lovable patriarch of the mad-cap family has been around for decades. The newest animated movie version of the family has a sequel movie on the way too. Of Spanish origin, Gomez is derived from Gomo, meaning "man".

Jade (The Mitchells vs. The Machines)

One of the newest animated movies on our list, The Mitchells vs. The Machines has quickly become an animated favourite in countless households because it is equal amounts of hilarity and action-packed. Jade is one of Katie's new friends from college and eventual girlfriend, and the name is inspired by the beautiful green gemstone.

Jessie (Toy Story)

We couldn't make a list of baby names from our favourite animated movies and not include Toy Story! A famous yodelling cowgirl, she's always up for adventure and will do anything to save her toy friends in need. A unisex name, Jessie is of Hebrew origin meaning "he sees".


Lillian (Shrek 2)

Queen Lilian, if you please. Voiced by the brilliant Julie Andrews in the Shrek franchise, Lilian is Fiona's regal mother who accepts, loves and supports her daughter. A mother figure we'd all learn a thing or two from, her name is inspired by the typically white lily flower, meaning "purity".

Luca (Disney & Pixar's Luca)

Pixar's latest animated movie is just so cute full of wonder, we had to include it in our list. Luca is a young sea monster who discovers he doesn't have to live in hiding under the sea all of his life - there's a giant world out there to explore and discover. A shorter form of Latin name Lucas, it means "bringer of light".

Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

When we first meet Prince Naveen, he's lazy, spoilt and used to living a luxurious life. However, after a wicked witch doctor casts a spell on him, he's set on a path of self-discovery - and he turns out all the better because of it. Of Indian origin, Naveen can mean "new", "fresh", "young", "bright", or "creative".

Robyn (Wolfwalkers)

Since its release last year, Wolfwalkers has become one of our favourite animated movies ever. Robyn is the main character of the tale, a new girl living in Kilkenny who fails to fit in - until she makes a magical discovery in a nearby forest. Robyn is of  Old English and German origin, meaning "bright fame".

Sen (Spirited Away)

We love a Studio Ghibli production, and Spirited Away is one of the best. Featuring a young girl named Chihiro, she gets renamed Sen during the movie and must save herself and her parents from this new world they find themselves trapped in. A unisex name that is of Japanese origin, it means "magical forest elf that lives for thousands of years ".

Velma (Scoob!)

Scooby-Doo wouldn't make it very far on his spooky adventures without his trusty friend Velma. A highly intelligent soul who loves cracking mystery cases, the name is of English origin, taken from the German for "determined protector".

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