30 Unique and Unusual Irish Baby Names

We love these unique and unusual Irish baby names! Which one is your favourite?

Everyone loves a traditional Irish baby name such as Niamh, Aoife, Saoirse, Cian and Tadhg but today we've explored some of the more unusual Gaelic baby names and their meanings to find something a little unique and different. 


  • Caomhan (Kee-van) - named after St. Kevin this name means little handsome one and if you want something different this is a good name for your new son. 
  • Ailill (Aye-lil) - An unusual baby name taken from an early Irish king meaning 'elf or sprite'.
  • Lugh (Lou) - A Celtic Sun God, and father of Cú Chulainn meaning 'light or brightness'.
  • Ailbhe (AL-vyeh) - A cute and unique taken from an Irish Saint meaning 'world king'.
  • Aengus (eng-iss) - Means 'strength' or 'vigour'. Aengus was the god of love and of youth. 
  • Turlough (Tur-la) - A name cousin of Terence and Terry. Turlough was a 17th-century blind harpist and composer. The name means 'one who aids or assists'.
  • Cael (Kale) - A warrior and a member of Na Fianna in Irish Mythology. Cael means 'slender'.
  • Ruadhán (Roo-awn) -  This unusual Gaelic name means 'red' or 'red-haired'. An Irish Saint, which can also be spelt, Rowan. 
  • Luan (Loo-an) - Luan is an old Irish name meaning 'warrior', 'strong' and 'warlike'.
  • Odhran (Oh-ran) - This name is taken from an early Irish Saint meaning 'little pale green one'.
  • Flynn - Usually an Irish surname, this name derives from 'red-haired one' but it works beautifully as a first name too. 
  • Gael (Gayl) - Derives from a medieval hero. Gael comes from the ancient Gaelic word 'Goídel' meaning 'Irishman'.
  • Fiachra (Fee-kra) - This name comes from St. Fiachra and means 'raven'. 
  • Cuan (Coo-an) -  Meaning 'little wolf' or 'little hound'.
  • Ardagh (Ard-agh) - The name is taken from nature meaning 'from the high field'.


  • Síohmha (Shee-va) - From 'Síth-maith' meaning 'good peace'.
  • Oonagh (Ou-na) - According to legend, Oonagh was the Queen of the Fairies. It is believed the name means 'a lamb' or may come from the Latin word meaning 'one'.
  • Fiadh (Fia) - meaning 'wild' or 'wild deer'.
  • Tuiren (Tir-en) - Tuiren was the younger sister of Fionn Mac Cumhail’s mother, and was famed for her beauty.
  • Róinseach (Rone-shach) - An unusual feminine Irish name meaning seal.
  • Riona (Reeona) - The name derives from Regina and it means queen – perfect for royalty! 
  • Briana (Bree-anna) -  It is said to be the feminine form of Brian and it is a gorgeous name and quite different. 
  • Grian (Gree-un) - Meaning 'sun goddess'.
  • Céibhfhionn (Kay-von) - Means 'fair locks' in Irish Gaelic. This was the name of an Irish goddess of inspiration.
  • Ériu (E-ru) - The daughter of Ernmas of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and matron goddess of Ireland. The name comes from the Irish 'Éireann'.
  • Bébinn (Bay-vin) - The goddess of childbirth meaning 'fair lady'.
  • Éibhear (Ay-var) - The meaning of the name is unknown. The name belonged to two of the sons of Míl, Éibhear Dunn and Éibhear Finn, the first of the Gaels to conquer Ireland in Irish mythology.
  • Étaín (Ee-teen) - In Irish mythology, she was a sun and horse goddess who was the lover of Midi. The name is believed to mean 'jealousy'. 
  • Bláthnat (blah-nad) - From Irish mythology, she was a maiden abducted and forced to marry Cú Roí. Cúchulainn rescued her, killing her husband. She was then murdered by one of Cú Roí's loyal servants. The name means 'little flower'.
  • Iseult (Ee-sult) - A mythological Irish princess. The meaning of the name is uncertain.

Which one is your favourite?

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