10 Baby Names Inspired By Autumn

We're nearly halfway through September, and there's a slight chill in the air - autumn is here!

The children are well and truly back to school, meaning we finally have a chance to nip out for our annual pumpkin spice lattes for some peace and quiet - but depending on your current situation, you might be having your latte decaffeinated. Yes, if you're due your new bundle of joy over the next couple of months, you might still be whittling down your baby names, so why not take inspiration from autumn, the season they will be born?

Here are some autumnal baby names for the season which is known for its crispier weather and spookier happenings.

Archer - For our first name, we've taken inspiration from the astrological sign Sagittarius, whose symbol is a centaur with a bow and arrow. The archer is known to be independent and adventurous, while those born a Sagitarrius (November 21 - December 20) are known for their fiery attributes.

Autumn - With this name attached to your child, there will definitely be no confusion as to what time of the year they were born. Quite a popular name for girls, it is of Latin origin and means "of woods".

Brun - Translated from Swedish, Brun simply translates into the colour we see everywhere around us during autumn - brown.

Fómhar - Yes, you guessed it, it's another take on the name of the season. Bringing in a sprinkling of Gaeilge into the mix, the name is taken from the Irish for September (Meán Fomhair - middle autumn) and October (Deireadh Fomhair - end of autumn).

Forrest - What better way for your child to be closer to nature than named after one of our favourite places to take an autumnal stroll? Plus, there's one of our favourite actors, Forest Whitaker, who has an alternative way to spell the moniker.

Gaia - With us all becoming a little bit more earthy this season, Gaia could be the perfect name for your little girl. Derived from Greek mythology, Gaea was a goddess known for being the literal mother of earth.

Hunter - One of the cutest baby names for the autumn season is Hunter, which remains quite popular over in the States. The name comes from the Old English word "hunta" (a hunter), which was at one time used as a surname for hunters and gatherers.

Lennox - One of Scottish and Gaelic origin, Lennox is related to the elm tree, translating to "with many elm trees" or "elm grove". A strong autumnal name, we feel the name would happily suit either a newborn boy or a girl.

Sawyer - Sawyer is another name that could be used for both a boy or a girl, and it means "a person who cuts timber with a saw", originally of English origin.

Thu - A gender-neutral name of Vietnamese origin, Thu is also what the season translates into in Vietnam. A wonderful time in the Asian country, autumn is celebrated with a Mid-autumn Festival every year to celebrate the season.

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