Magical Unisex Baby Names For Your Winter Bundle Of Joy

As the cold begins to set in, and all of the fairy lights and Christmas trees come out for a spectacle - winter can be a magical time of the year.

And what can be more magical than a new arrival in your family? As you get ready to welcome your new addition into the world, the thought of coming up with baby names can be an arduous task at times. So why not match this mystical time of the year with a baby name to suit perfectly, whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Here are 12 truly magical baby name suggestions for your bundle of joy arriving this winter.

Snow - What other weather occurrence can bring a smile to (nearly) everyone's face in the winter months? Granted, we might not actually get a delivery of the white stuff this year. But you can't deny what a cute name it is.

Robin - Nope, not Batman's sidekick, but the adorable little bird that we all spot during this time of the year. Known as Robin or Robin Redbreast, the name could be perfect if you're lucky enough to have a baby born with a dash of red hair colouring.

Bear - Inspired by the Polar kind, Bear is a wonderful name to typically give boys. But who's to say a girl can't be gifted the name too? Just imagine the number of times you'll say you want a "Bear" hug!

Frost - The perfect one for a baby born in the early hours of a frosty, wintery morning. Certainly a unique name for your little one, Frost was more popular in the 1980s than it is today - and the '80s are making a comeback.

Oakley - This unisex baby name comes from the oak tree of course. The well-known tree sheds its leaves during the autumn months. But in winter it lies dormant, preparing itself for what's to come.

Storm - If there's one thing Ireland has hosted more times than we can count, it's the sheer number of storms to batter our country. Why not take it as a namesake, and embrace the unpredictable weather of our little island?

Eirwen - Inspired by our Celtic friends over in Wales, Eirwen translates into "white as snow". A truly magical name for those of us who are fond of wishing for a healthy coverage of the white stuff each year.

Noël/Noëlle - If naming your child "Christmas" seems a little over the top for you, why not adopt the French translation instead. It's an ideal name for those little ones born in December in particular.

Wren - Just like his friend Robin up above, another little bird that deserves your attention is Wren. Us Irish have such a fondness for the high flyer that Wren Day is also celebrated on St. Stephen's Day, December 26.

Lumi - If you really, really, really love snow, then here's another version of it for you. Lumi is a Finnish word for the weather dusting, and is typically used as a girl's name. But we think it'll be a very sweet name for a boy too.

Cole - No one likes a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking. But everyone loves using them for making snowmen and keeping some of us warm in the winter months.

Nicky - Finally, what better name than one that's inspired by the jolly ol' man from the North Pole? Whether you decide on Nicole, Nicholas, Nicola, or Nicky, their jovial attitude will shine through.

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