Christmas Gifts For Teachers They’ll Actually Thank You For

If ever there was a year to gain an appreciation for the hard work our children’s teachers do, the year that we all discovered homeschooling for several months was definitely it.

It’s important to remember that spending a lot of money isn’t necessary or expected – a simple thank you note is often enough to put a smile on their face. However,  if you are looking to pick up something to thank your child’s teacher, here are some ideas which will make sure you’re not adding to their ever-growing "Best Teacher Ever" mug collection and putting a smile on their face.

Hand Cream

With the eternal sanitising and washing of hands, 2020 has been rough on delicate skin. Especially for those working on the frontline, as teachers have been. Pick up a fancy hand-cream that they’ll be able to keep on their desk. It'll keep their hands from getting chapped during all that copy correcting.


If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to keep your teacher sweet, a box of chocolates definitely won’t steer you wrong. Pick up a nice box in the Christmas aisle while on your weekly shop, or order online from one of the many Irish chocolatiers.

A Bottle Of Wine

The delivery of this one could be slightly more complicated this year. Parents aren’t entering classrooms, and your five-year-old handing over a Chardonnay isn’t always a great look either. But it’s a tried and tested winner among teachers if you can figure that bit out.

A Voucher

Whether it's for the place that does excellent coffee close to the school, a favourite foodie spot, or a shop you know they’ll like, a voucher is always a safe bet. Many of them can be purchased and sent online as well, which will cut down on any risk this year. The most general of them is a One 4 All Voucher, which can be organised online. Pool together with a few parents or the class Whatsapp group perhaps. A group can give a more sizeable voucher if that works for you – it will be greatly appreciated!

A Card/Piece of Art Made By Your Kid

Sometimes, being shown appreciation is more about the thought. A sweet card with a heartfelt note from their students will be greatly appreciated! Make sure to make it a few days in advance to avoid any contamination issues, and you’ll be set!

Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan is a Cork Mammy of one boy, age six. Fueled by Diet Coke and the brief intervals there's an empty laundry basket, often talking about mental health.

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