Babies With These Popular Names Are Destined To Be A Winner, According To Research

Have you ever thought that your child is destined for greatness? Well, it might all be down to the name that you give them...

We know it's not all about winning, and the taking part in a competition is just as important, but that feeling of glory is second-to-none. Sure, we might have won a few awards or accolades in our time, and watched our children do the same, but according to research, the winning names below are the ones that often end up coming out on top.

Analysing the first names of thousands of "winners" across the worlds of entertainment and sport - that's from Academy Award winners to Wimbledon champions - a list was compiled to see which names are the most common when winning is concerned.

The top 10 winning names for girls are:

  1. Kim - 11 winners such as Kim Clijsters
  2. Mary - 10 winners such as Mary J. Blige
  3. Laura - 10 winners such as Laura Dern
  4. Jennifer - 9 winners such as Jennifer Lopez
  5. Jessica - 8 winners such as Jessica Chastain
  6. Amy - 7 winners such as Amy Winehouse
  7. Lauren - 7 winners such as Lauren Jackson
  8. Julie - 7 winners such as Julie Walters
  9. Anna - 7 winners such as Anna Paquin
  10. Rachel - 7 winners such as Rachel Weisz

The top 10 winning names for boys are:

  1. John - 29 winners such as John Lennon
  2. David - 21 winners such as David Bowie
  3. George - 20 winners such as George Clooney
  4. Tom - 18 winners such as Tom Daley
  5. Paul - 18 winners such as Paul McCartney
  6. Michael - 18 winners such as Michael Jordan
  7. Mark - 16 winners such as Mark Hamill
  8. Chris - 15 winners such as Chris Rock
  9. James - 15 winners such as James Dean
  10. Mike - 14 winners such as Mike Tyson

The research was compiled by

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