Maintaining A Creative Life With Kids

Kids create a dynamic shift in every aspect of our lives. The moment they are born (even before) they curl up on our chest and instantly take over, altering our perspectives, and asking us to challenge and question life in ways we may never have thought of before. Something changes internally and that translates to various parts of our lives, even our creative streak.

As a writer of fiction and non-fiction, I had thought becoming a parent would challenge my ability to write. And yes, exhaustion and a severe lack of time meant writing flew down my list of responsibilities. But, as I found my groove with Babygro’s and soothers, there was yet another shift. I felt this inward pull in my creativity which exposed and ignited changes in how my stories were driven and what I felt drawn towards when writing.

Maintaining a creative life once kids consume your hours and thoughts may seem difficult, but think again. It is this shift and change which can actively guide a creative parent to continually get stuck in.

Be Inspired

Life surrounded by parental duties and the whirlwind of day-to-day life with kids creates opportunities for creative parents to be inspired. There is no doubt that my kids inspire what I write about every day, but I am not wholly consumed by parenting to only write about the kids. Being a work from home parent encourages me to connect with those outside of my family life too. These connections with other creative people inspire me with content and empower me to tell stories outside of family life.

Be Open To New Ideas

Rejigging my time and workload around the kids has become routine because it’s not always possible to guarantee uninterrupted writing time with the kids around. I have stayed open to new ideas by ensuring I jot down notes and ideas on my phone when the lightning strikes, so I don’t forget them and always go back to the vault to pick and choose when the writing momentum hits.

Be Collaborative

Being a parent has made me step outside of my comfortable box more than I ever may have wanted. I’m an introvert but my kids have made sure, unknown to them, that I open myself to new opportunities and collaborate with others when possible. The more they inspire me to write, the more chances there are to join forces with others.

Be Selective

And of course, when it comes to balancing a creative life with kids, it’s not always possible to take every opportunity that comes your way. For this reason, I am more selective with the projects I work on, meaning I am more invested and interested in the work which creates a finer work-life balance.

Geraldine Walsh

Mum of two Geraldine Walsh happily works from home as a freelance writer chatting about parenting, wellness and mental health.

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