Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Is A New Irish Book Worth Your Attention

Dr Mary O'Kane is a lecturer in Psychology and Early Childhood Studies with the Open University and has published her first parenting book.

Perfectly Imperfect Parenting: Connection Not Perfection launched this week, and is a book that aims to get all parents to ditch their "dos and don'ts" lists. Instead of aiming for perfection with your children, it's about making that all-important connection with them.

A practical and accessible guide, the book will help parents get into the right frame of mind for effective parenting. You won't be feeling guilty or inadequate in your desire to be the best parent either. The argument that Dr Mary O'Kane is putting towards us is that parenting is not about perfection. Instead, it is about just being there for your child.

Neuroscience and evidence-based research support the book throughout - resulting in the conclusion that our children’s brains need unconditional love to really thrive in the world. It explores how you can provide this intimacy, and how we can fully support our children and help them develop each of their relationships.

Author Dr Mary O’Kane says: "None of us are perfect. We need to allow ourselves the grace to accept that. Instead, a willingness to learn and develop, to connect with our children, and grow as they do, is at the heart of good parenting. We need connection not perfection!"

Perfectly Imperfect Parenting by Dr Mary O'Kane

Ireland AM viewers might know Mary from her regular appearances on the morning show; she often gives out expert advice on both parenting and early childhood education issues. Known for her humorous and down to earth approach, she also gives public talks on a range of important topics.

You can pick up a copy of Dr Mary O'Kane's new book from her website (here) or from online booksellers.

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