Genius Christmas Hacks You Wish You Had Of Known Sooner

These are the best Christmas hacks you'll see this year.

Looking to make life a little easier over the festive period? Check out some of these genius Christmas hacks to help save your sanity over the holidays.

Save a small fortune.

Have you always wanted a wreath of dreams? DIY your own seasonal centrepiece using classic elements such as evergreen cuts, pine cones and plastic berries on a piece of cardboard.

Ornament storage.

This is another simple Christmas hack that may just save your decorations getting wrecked in the years to come. Glue small plastic cups to a large piece of card and store your most loved and delicate decorations safely. You could even make two or three shelves to store in one large box. Or for smaller more delicate ornaments, store them in egg cartons.

Homemade advent calendar.

Advent calendars are all the rage these days but unless it contains chocolate, most of the contents go to waste especially when it comes to kids. This year, why not consider creating a feel-good advent calendar packed with acts of kindness and positive affirmations for the little ones using a piece of card and festive looking coloured envelops. Number each one and hang them on some decorative string.

Make your own tree topper.

Get crafty with the kids and crown your tree with a handmade star or snowflake made of craft sticks. For bonus points paint it gold and add some sparkles, the small ones will love it.

Genius Christmas Hacks You Wish You Had Of Know Sooner
Hang bells on the lower branches of your Christmas tree so that you can hear when the little buggers are pulling on the tree.

Label organisation.

Change things up this year a little and add a little personalisation this gifting season. Instead of using standard Christmas labels why not add a little festive cheer by using filtered photo prints instead of name tags. Simply cut them into decorative shapes and add some string for this simple Christmas hack.


Stuck for a meaningful keepsake for a special someone? Personalise a clear ball ornament by stuffing it with the lyrics to the receivers favourite song or if its a partner, the coordinates to where you first met or kissed.

Packing hack.

Maybe you ran out of paper or want to change things up a little but have you considered wrapping your gifts in old cuts of fabric? Not only will it save time and money but it will look prettier too.

Tree terrors

Have a curious little explorer on your hands? Hang bells on the lower branches of your Christmas tree so that you can hear when the little buggers are pulling on the tree.

The wishlist of dreams.

This Christmas hack is for the next time you're out shopping with the kids and they start begging for things they see on the shelves. Instead of arguing, ask them would they like to take a photo so they can pop it onto their wishlist.

Game-changing Christmas wrapping hacks.

Just watch the video, these techniques will absolutely blow your mind! Who knew wrapping could be so darn easy and dare I say it, fun.


When the time comes to take down the tree post-Christmas, store your bead garlands in a plastic bottle to help prevent them from tangling. As for lights, wrap them around a length of hard cardboard or even a sturdy coat hanger - I promise, you will thank us next year.


Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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