How To Chase Your Dreams While Being A Good Parent

Some parents often feel guilty for wanting more from their life, even though they have beautiful kids and a happy life. Many consider dreams something for younger people to aspire to, and put aside their aspirations to concentrate on their family. 

Well, we are here to tell you that chasing your dreams (no matter what they are) is an incredible thing to do and you are not only proving to yourself that anything is possible but showing your kids too. 

Whatever your reason, you owe it to yourself to try. Here are ways/tips on being a good parent while chasing your dream:

Some parents report feeling more inspired once they have kids and want to chase their dream to make their kids proud. 

Make time for you

If you are serious about chasing your dream there will be a need for you to put yourself first and make time for you. Chasing dreams means investing in yourself and though the kids are vitally important too, you do need to find the balance and stick to it. Before you start, make a rough outline of your week including work, kids’ activities, school drops and cooking/cleaning. Decide where you can fit your time into the week. Prioritise yourself in the list and make it a part of your schedule to allow yourself that time. By doing so, it will ensure you keep to it.  

It doesn’t have to be hours

Make the most of the time you have. So if you want to learn how to dance, go to a class. If you want to write a book, choose the time no matter how little it may be. Be consistent and take the steps to follow through on your dream. Taking some steps towards it is important - otherwise, you are going nowhere. 

Cut out the crap

By crap, we mean cutting out silly things like spending hours on Facebook or watching TV when you could be doing something else – like chasing your dream. Of course, we all need some rest time and that’s ok but look at your schedule and cut out bad habits. Even down to the chores in the house – does it really matter if the house is sparkling clean? Nope, it doesn’t so allow yourself to be selfish and spend time on something you really want to do and achieve.

How To Be A Good Parent While Chasing Your Dreams
Stop the guilt and believe in yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

Ask for help

This is important as you need to have support in your life to achieve your goals. No matter who it is, a friend, your partner or a family member, everyone needs a cheerleader. If you don’t have that, find your tribe and find people who are like-minded by going to an event relevant to your dream. You’ll find there are loads of people who love to support one another, and this helps set goals. In an ideal world, this would be your partner or family but don’t feel sad if it isn’t. In most cases, people are busy, and they may not understand chasing dreams. Make a mental note to prove them wrong! Your kids should support you and if they are old enough to understand, talk to them about dreams and chasing them. They will be so proud of you and inspired to chase their own dreams. 

Don’t feel guilty

So what if you miss one of your kids’ activities? There will be plenty more and not picking the kids up from school is not the worst thing in the world. Equally, the kids eating takeaway every Friday night is fine if you get the time to do what you love. Stop the guilt and believe in yourself and what you are trying to achieve. Without believing, you will not get there. 

Stand tall and proud. Enjoy this very important journey in your life. Who knows what you can achieve? 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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