How To Teach Your Children To Believe In Themselves

Learning to believe in yourself is extremely important if you want to teach your children to believe in themselves.

To show your kids how to believe in themselves and chase their dreams, they’ll need to learn it from you. So, take the time to not only teach them about it but remind yourself of those skills too.  

Believe in yourself 

Children learn from parents first, so if you are the type to put yourself down or let yourself down by not going after things you want then your children will follow suit. You can stop that and adopt a great and positive attitude at home, so your kids grow up believing in themselves.  

Respect each other 

For a family to believe in themselves, they should also believe in each other and this means respecting each other and being kind. Try not to put each other down or laugh if anyone has a dream or an aspiration. Support one another and if your child has a match or a play then encourage the whole family to get involved and support each other.  

Help everyone feel good about themselves  

No one is good at everything but as a family, you are probably blessed with huge talents and abilities, however, you can stop yourself believing in yourself by not doing anything about them. Start the day with good conversation and encourage all the family to have a good day and if things don’t go your way, support one another and keep working on it. 

Boy laughing with his hood up.
To show your kids how to believe in themselves and chase their dreams, they’ll need to learn it from you.


For children to learn to believe in themselves, they need to know how to battle on in the face of challenges. Doing things for your kids stops them learning that and it also makes you their saviour. You need your child to problem-solve with your supervision or advice so when they are challenged in school or in after school activities, they can have the skills to problem-solve and move forward proactively.  

Love your differences 

Everyone is different, and this is something that should be celebrated and not ridiculed. Enjoy the fact that your kid has a talent for puzzles or if your partner is a great football coach as these things make us unique.  We find our way in our life by feeling good and feeling like you are good at something is an important part of that. So, love each other’s differences and celebrate skills.

You may laugh at your lack of DIY skills but your partner may fly through them and this is why everyone needs to feel good at something. It helps them to believe in themselves and even when they know they can’t do something, they’ll have the attitude to manage those feelings of inadequacy as they feel secure in other things.  

Keep working on it and let your child learn  

It isn’t something that will come naturally but the earlier you start the better. Get rid of negativity and let the positivity in! 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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