Wellness And Grounding Tips With Kate Gaffey

Kate Gaffey is a yoga teacher, practices mindfulness and runs a workplace wellness company.

In recent weeks we have been running a series of helpful takeovers over on our Instagram page. As part of this series we were delighted to welcome wellness expert Kate Gaffey to the platform. Kate is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wellness. She left a very corporate career to pursue yoga, mindfulness and to eventually launch her own business Workplace Wellness. In this post we will share some of Kate's biggest tips when it comes to connecting with yourself and finding inner calm in the everyday and during times of anxiety.


When it comes to wellness, play is something that is really important for Kate. She urges people to do the things that make their heart feel happy. She loves to skateboard, take her dog for a walk and swim in the sea. For you it might be singing, cooking or listening to music. Make sure to carve out time for play as often as you can. Kate talks about "keeping the vibe high" by dancing, listening to music and reminding ourselves to have fun.

Nourish Your Body

What we eat has a massive impact on the way we feel. It affects our energy levels, mood and general health and well-being. As part of her workplace wellness workshops Kate Gaffey teaches people how to make nourishing smoothies and advises on some of the foods that help us to feel our best. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and being as active as possible will benefit you infinitely.


Nature is a healer according to Kate. It may be challenging at the moment but where possible, immerse yourself in nature. Experiencing fresh air on your skin and noticing the elements contributes to wellness. Even if it is short and sweet. It will also get you away from screens and the news which might be adding to your stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is an excellent way to take yourself back to the present moment and away from panic and worry. Kate uses this mindfulness technique with adults but it is actually a children's technique. It is simple and easy to follow so could work really well for the whole family. The idea is that you use your hand to help you find a sense of calm. You can do this with your eyes open or closed. Start with one hand and take your index finger to the base of your thumb. As you move your finger to the top of your thumb inhale, then exhale as you move your finger back down. Do the very same as you reach the next finger. Inhale as you move up and exhale as you move down each finger. Kids love this and it is a great way to ground yourself and aid wellness.

"Even just the sense of touch and noticing your own breath can be really grounding and nourishing"


Gratitude is a really important part of Kate's day. It can be as simple as taking a moment to appreciate some delicious food, a person in your life or a beautiful moment in nature. For Kate her dog plays a huge part in this as it is a really positive force in her life.

"That connection of having families and children, as stressful as it is, can also be a lovely thing at this time"

Sit With Your Feelings

Kate believes that it is so important to sit with your feelings. It bothers her when people say "be positive" as it is just as important to acknowledge when things are difficult or hard. It is a vital thing to sit with ourselves on the days when things feel bad because it helps us assess what we need to do to help ourselves feel better. It challenges us to look for how we can be kinder to ourselves and what we might need in that moment.

Meditation And Mindfulness

Kate has some fantastic 5-10 minute guided meditations and yoga videos on her Instagram page. We love this one.

Come home to your body. Eight minutes to connect with ourselves, our bodies & our hearts. Finding the grounding within.

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