New Year Tips For A Happy And Healthy Home

Happy and healthy lives are the basis for everything that we hold dear in life so if you are going into 2020 without knowing how to make the most of it, we can share some tips.

Having a happy and healthy home is everything. It means family life is better without a lot of madness that you may have grown accustomed to.

Here are some new year tips for a happy and healthy home:


It’s a new year so yes, now is the time you may be thinking about exercising if you haven’t been bothered before. As a family, exercise is a great way to get everyone out and about (away from technology) and enjoy the outdoors. Exercising doesn’t have to be just for you but for all the family.

Exercise promotes better physical health, but it also helps mental health and it makes you feel better generally. Getting some exercise may make your family communicate better and have less arguments over silly matters as you’ll run off everyone’s energy with regular exercise, be it swimming, trips to the park or long walks. 

Visit friends more.

Christmas makes us happy as we see our friends and family more, but it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas. Decide to have friends over more - not just for you but for your kiddies too so they have plenty of social interaction which helps us feel happier and healthier as a result.

Playdates may be a headache but as children tend to find technology a lot more interesting, you’ll need to encourage your kids to see friends and socialise!

New Year Tips For A Happy And Healthy Home
If you're in a good place your kids will be too.

Enjoy family life.

Like the friends above, seeing family doesn’t need to be ‘just for Christmas’ and you can agree to see family more regularly if you want to. This isn’t for everyone as some people find visiting family tiring and stressful but if you find it enjoyable and fun, do it more! Just make a promise to plan for the occasions. 

Work hard but find the balance.

Working is hard and finding the balance between work and home life is getting increasingly difficult for busy parents. The ‘always on’ attitude is there, and it is hard to ignore emails from work when we have everything at our fingertips, but you must!

Finding the right balance will make family life easier and happier with parents being able to spend more time with their kids in the evening without too many other distractions.

Eat healthily.

Eating well, like exercise will benefit the whole family so make a promise to eat better and dust off the slow cooker to make room for tasty dinners that are quick and easy to prepare. 

Put yourself first.

This one is important as once parents are in a good place then the kiddies will be too. They’ll understand if you need to escape for a few hours to take time for you and if you are a better parent because of that then it works for everyone. Everyone needs their own space so all the family should take time for themselves so when you guys are together you value it. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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