Stacey Solomon’s Hack For Stopping Her Sons From Peeing On The Toilet Seat Is Genius

If you have sons or live with boys, you’ll absolutely love this hack.

Living with boys has lots of positives - but these are hard to see when the negatives tend to be right under your nose. Stacey Solomon knows this struggle all too well as she is the only woman living with four boys all under one roof.

Stacey has revealed that she now has a light-up toilet to stop her three sons (and partner Joe Swash) from peeing on the toilet during the night.

Solomon took to Instagram to explain how the boys in her house go to the toilet at night without turning the light on – leading them to a bit off target sometimes.

Speaking on an Instagram story to her 2.2 million followers, she said, “Most of the time, Joe hates me because I buy some rubbish. But today, I think I might have bought something that he likes.”

She then showed her bathroom with the light off to reveal her
toilet glowing bright pink.

"My favourite. Best invention ever,’ she said, before
continuing: "No more pee on the seat, because everyone can see it!"

This is certainly one of our favourite parenting hacks we’ve seen yet! Plus, she later revealed that the item costs just £2.59 from eBay.

Will you be giving this toilet hack a go?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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