This Dad Is Winning After Keeping His Kids Still While He Naps

Ok, someone give this guy a medal.

It's no secret that life as a parent is busy. Between work, kids, family and your own health - you're always on call, day or night.

This, unsurprisingly, leads to something we can all relate to - fatigue. Gone are the days where we can catch up on sleep the following night if we're feeling tired one day, and there's absolutely no chance of napping during the day when you have kids running around and things to be done.

It was reported on PopSugar that this guy, however, came up with a genius way to keep the kids quiet while he had a kip on the couch, being described as "the most brilliant man" by his wife.

His wife, Monica Weber, posted a photo of the hack to Facebook, a post which has since been shared 37k times.

In the post, she explained how her husband, who had just got off a twelve-hour shift as an OR nurse offered to take the kids while she went grocery shopping, to save her bringing them out in the cold.

When she got back, she saw her husband asleep on the couch with their four kids entranced in their drawings. As it turned out, her husband "has them doing "realism art" while he "poses" AKA naps." She continued in the post, "the winner gets a chocolate, but let's be honest, @michael.w.weberjr is the one winning lmao."

Since the post went viral, it has received roughly 10k comments, although a lot of these comments were from people concerned about the safety of the children in the house alone while a parent is asleep.

As way of explanation, Monica attached an edit to the post. She wrote:

"Since we never expected this to go viral I figured I would edit the post to answer the most common questions we keep getting:

"He had just come off a 12hr. Shift as an OR nurse and I needed some groceries but it was cold/snowy outside and he insisted I go without the kids to make it easier. Between his time in the military and job as an OR nurse he is the lightest sleeper ever.

"I was gone maybe 20 minutes, no one was hurt, no houses burned down, no eyes poked out with pencils, I took the pictuce [sic] upon my return when all the kids Shhed me because they wanted to finish their drawing."

So there you have it. One parent got the groceries done, one parent got some well-needed shut-eye and four kids enjoyed an art project. We're definitely trying this one out!

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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