New TG4 Series Will Follow Irish Families And Their Complex Fertility Journeys

Turas Clainne is a new four-part documentary series that follows the rollercoaster journey to parenthood. Many Irish families face these challenges every year in our country.

Exploring the many issue’s parents encounter on this complex journey to parenthood and postpartum is the key focus of new TG4 series Turas Clainne.

All parents experience emotions of delight, elation and celebrations - but many may also encounter loneliness, distress and heartbreak. Every family featured in this documentary series will share their intimate experiences with fertility struggle, surrogacy, miscarriage and post-natal depression.

In the series, we'll meet Prisscilla De Búrca who is hoping to have a positive birthing experience on the series. She's in her third trimester of pregnancy but still holds onto worry and anxiety from her difficult labour with her previous child. Tara Uí Adhmhaill will also speak about her grief and heartbreak after suffering miscarriages.

Another woman, Louise Smith, finds herself in the middle of a global pandemic as she embarks on her third trimester and childbirth. She worries about what life will be like postpartum with a new-born in a pandemic.

Throughout the Turas Clainne TG4 series, we will also encounter Dublin couple Marilyn and Wayne McGivern who will speak of their years of struggling to conceive, and their IVF journey so far.

Sinéad Mhic Dhonnacha opens up about the birth of her miracle baby Eve; while Galway mum Nicola Fallon will share her powerful post-natal depression story after the birth of her son Louis.

However, every heartbreak is counter-balanced with a moment of pure euphoria. The series is also be looking at the wonderful highs that expectant parents go through on their journeys.

Westmeath mother of four, Becky Loftus Dore, will tell the inspiring story of how she became a surrogate mother. She'll speak about the wonderful journey she went on which enabled her lifelong friends to become parents.

Turas Clainne begins on TG4 Thursday, February 18 at 8 pm.

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