Miracle Biological "Twins" Born Four Days Apart With Help Of Surrogate

The road to motherhood was full of emotional ups and down for Margo.

Every now and then we hear a birth story that blows us away. Birth in any kind of form is an incredible miracle in this world. We just can't get our head around it at all. This incredible birth story hails from Canada and involves a surrogate. This is a twin birth story with a twist.

According to CBC Margo Sheldon was absolutely over the moon to discover that she was pregnant following a very rocky road to motherhood. Margo and her husband Ian had always wanted to be parents and had struggled to conceive a baby. In 2017 they were overjoyed to discover that they were pregnant but devastatingly their little baby Oliver was stillborn.

Margo fell pregnant once again but tragically it ended in miscarriage when at a seven week scan they discovered there was no heartbeat. At a family gathering Margo's sister kindly offered to help the couple bring a baby in to the world. She wanted to be their surrogate. The couple were grateful, overjoyed and began the process of IVF.

Like many IVF journeys this one was full of ups and downs but thankfully they were able to use the one and only viable embryo. The IVF was successful and Margo's sister became pregnant with their baby.

A couple of weeks previous to the successful pregnancy news Margo and her husband decided to take a holiday to Mexico. They wanted to spend time together away from IVF, medication and all of the emotional ups and downs that had come with trying to conceive a baby. When they returned home from Mexico they found out the incredible news that Margo was actually pregnant herself.

The two sisters enjoyed their very surreal pregnancies together. Both of the babies were biological siblings and were conceived just days apart. What a miracle. On June 16th Sophie Grace was born followed by the birth of Austin just four days later. The parents now consider them to be twins. With the help of her sister as the surrogate Margo finally became a mother to the most incredibly unique "twins".

On June 16th Sophie Grace was born followed by the birth of Austin just four days later.
Image credit : https://www.cbc.ca/

Feature image credit - https://www.cbc.ca/

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