Ranae von Meding

Ranae is same-sex mama to 2 daughters aged 3 and 8 months. She and her wife Audrey conceived through Reciprocal IVF. Ranae carried both pregnancies and has become an outspoken advocate for equal LGBTQ parental rights in Ireland.

With so much experience of fertility treatment behind her, Ranae is passionate about helping other families to realise their dream of becoming parents. She is a strong supporter for the availability and legality of Reciprocal IVF in Ireland. She believes that all families deserve respect and recognition, no matter how they were created. She originally trained as a singer and actor, and while this is still very much her passion, she now stays at home full time with her daughters and writes and blogs any chance she gets!

Her wife Audrey is a stage manager and together with their girls, they live in Dublin.

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