This Mum's Simple Trick Stops Her Kids Begging For Toys Coming Up To Christmas

This mum has just revealed the best trick for getting her children to stop begging her for toys before Christmas.

It's that time of year again - toys everywhere. Toy ads on televisions, toys in every shop, and children who have trouble understanding that they must wait until Christmas to receive said toys. The joys.

When your little one is surrounded by all of these things, it can be extremely difficult to explain to them that they must wait until Christmas for presents without tears and tantrums.

However, this mum's genius trick may have just changed the game for parents everywhere.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Kristina Watts shared the hack on Facebook, which at the time of writing has 28k likes and has been shared 50k times. She says that when her child starts asking for things while shopping, she simply takes a photo and "sends it to Santa".

In her post, she says " Our trips to the store used to be a lot more painful this time of year. Toys are out in full force...and of course my kids WANT 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼 ALL. Obviously I would love to have sweet, well mannered, non-greedy, chill kids, that don’t ask for all the things...but I don’t. So drop your judgement Karen, and stop reading if you have kids like that 👆. Now...if you have kids like mine...that want the shiny amazing things that fill Target, the grocery store, Office Depot, the gas station, and pretty much everywhere you go this time of year, this is for you. "

When her daughter asks for something, she simply takes a photo and tells her she's sending it to Santa to let him know what she wants.

She continues,

"Magically, Emmie smiles, says cheese, asks to see the picture, then PUTS THE TOY DOWN AND WALKS AWAY. It’s magical. No tears. No tantrums (by either of us). And she forgets about all of them within minutes."

We are blown away by this hack and will be definitely trying it out over the next few weeks.

Will you be giving this one a go?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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