Secret Santa Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

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It's that time of year again. The family Secret Santa draw is about to take place, the thinking caps are firmly on, and everyone is secretly hoping they don't draw that one person in the family who just seems to have everything! 

This Christmas in particular, we feel there is such a huge draw towards more conscientious gift-giving. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are at the forefront of our minds. So, this year, when thinking of Secret Santa gift ideas, why not steer away from the gift sets, the silly nicknacks and the novelty ties. Instead, give a gift that will bring enjoyment, while avoiding adding more unnecessary 'stuff' to our already overflowing households. 

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2. Give the gift of family fun

Your Secret Santa gift ideas don't have to cost you a fortune on fancy gadgets to give the gift of family fun. Why not treat your loved one to a new board game? They don't make 'em like they used to, so why not go old school and pick up one of these classics? Frustration, Mousetrap, Cluedo, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Guess Who and Connect Four are all firm favourite. (Yes, technically, this one is just more 'stuff', but it's something that will be used by the whole family and will be enjoyed for years to come.)

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Family Fun - Monopoly Board Game

3. Give the gift of a new skill 

Why not sign them up for a fun class? Cooking, painting, jiving, languages, karate - there's so many to choose from! This would be a fantastic Secret Santa gift for the person who has everything, as what's not to love about learning something new?

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Cooking Class Gift Idea

4. Give the gift of sustainability 

Whether it's a personalised travel mug, a fancy reusable tote bag, a gorgeous set of Tupperware - give them something that they can use day in, day out, that will help them to reduce waste and help our planet!

5. Give the gift of giving 

A donation to a charity close to your Secret Santa's heart would be an extremely thoughtful gift. There are so many wonderful charities to choose from, with so many options for your gift. You could donate to buy books for a school in a developing country, donate to help fund research for an illness or donate to feed a homeless family. There are so many worthy causes out there. 

Remember that Christmas is a time for joy, love and family! Don't get stressed out about gift buying. With one of these ideas, your Secret Santa is sure to have a very merry Christmas. 

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