Mum Saves Huge Amount Of Wardrobe Space With A Can of Coke

Have you tried this simple storage hack before?

If you don't struggle for space in your wardrobe, you're one of the lucky ones. Being a parent means sharing pretty much everything and no matter how many clear outs we do it never seems to be enough to create some actual, workable storage space.

Plus, without a trip to Ikea, it can be so hard to find good storage solutions that you can try out at home.

This TikTok mum, HollVlogsOfficial, uploaded a wardrobe hack which has since gone viral and people cannot get over how easy it is. By simply using a can of Coke, she tripled her wardrobe space - we can't believe we've never tried it before.


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In the video, Holly says "When you have a can of soda, save the ring pulls. Slide the ring pulls onto your coat hangers. Then you can stack your clothes using the ring pulls, giving you more space in your wardrobe."

It sounds way too good to be true, but with Holly's demonstration, you can see the hack in action and it really works!

Who knew you could find such great household hacks on TikTok?

TikTok users and Holly's regular viewers were quick to respond, with one saying:

"I did this for years! It was the best hack I found".

Another user said:

"Omg yes. I love this tip!"

The video has now been watched over 306.4k times and has 43.1k likes, proving that lots of people out there are also struggling for space in their wardrobe.

If you're looking for a project to keep you busy during quarantine, this could be a great place to start! Will you be giving this wardrobe hack a go?


Sophie Gavin

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