Happy International Women's Day! Here Are Some Ways You Can Celebrate

It only comes around once a year, but it's an important date for us all to make note of for what it represents. Let's celebrate the powerful women we all are, and the ones that we all know and love.

International Women's Day takes place today, Monday, March 8. It's a day that should be celebrated, no matter what gender you are, as we make note of the powerful achievements many women have undertaken over the years. It's also important to make note of what challenges women still face each and every day around the world.

So, whether that is you yourself, the women in your family, or notable fictional or real-life figures through the ages, it's a fantastic day to commemorate.

Here are some ways you can make today a bit different and celebrate International Women's Day.

Tune In

There is a virtual event taking place this year, with this year’s campaign theme being #ChooseToChallenge. The panel at the event will celebrate women's achievements across the world and will cover other topics such as the impact of COVID and women in the workplace, and the economic gender gap. You can register for free by going to the IWD website.

Catch up with a friend

Today might be the day to reach out to that friend you keep meaning to get back to! We've all lost the concept of time these days, so it's never too late to get back on your social calendar. Give them a call, have a catch up, or do one better and meet them for a socially-distanced walk, run, or coffee.

Teach your children

You know plenty of women who made a powerful impact on our society, of course - but do your children? Today might be the perfect opportunity to pass on some knowledge to your little ones, and to make sure that they know just as many (if not more!) important women around the world as they do men. Passing on knowledge could be the best thing you do today, as you shape how the next generation treat and value women.

Say hi to mam

Don't forget to give your mam a call (or a socially-distanced visit) to wish her a Happy International Women's Day. We really wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for her! You could also get in touch with your sister to see how she is making the most of today too, and swap some Mother's Day present ideas, which is just around the corner.

Watch an empowering movie

If you're all out of ideas as to what to do this evening, then watching a movie with a strong, powerful female lead is a no-brainer. So, that's anything with Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich and Pretty Woman of course); if you're looking for something more action-packed there's the likes of Kill Bill, Charlie's Angels, Ocean's Eight or Thelma & Louise; or the old classics such as Bridget Jones's Diary, Jackie Brown, 9 to 5, or A League of Their Own.

Be sure to check out the International Women's Day website for more ways that you can get involved.

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