Join Our Virtual Mother's Day Restorative Yoga Class

Start your Mother's Day early with our free yoga class with Lia Carr.

Family Friendly HQ would like to invite all mums to our special Mother's Day Restorative Yoga virtual event. It will take place next Friday, March 12th at 12.30pm. Its aim is to destress and relax, which let's face it, we all could do with at the moment.

We are partnering with expert yoga teacher Lia Carr for this special event. Lia also specialises in pregnancy and postnatal yoga so this class is for all mums and mums-to-be. Feel free to invite your own mother or best friend to virtually connect and celebrate the wonderful women in your life.

The event will take place via Zoom and it's 100% free. Below is a note from Lia on what you can expect from this yoga class:

"To all the beautiful mammas out there start your Mother's Day early with me by giving yourself the gift of time to nourish your mind and body.  

"We will enjoy a deep relaxation and meditation in which we welcome our wise woman within for guidance and reassurance with an opportunity for some journaling at the end of class with prompts provided.  This experience will be a chance to really acknowledge and absorb the wonderful jobs you all do as mothers in caring for others.

"Our physical practice will be gentle and will lend awareness to the physical parts of our bodies which have been affected by motherhood namely our hips, legs and lower back alignment. This will help us gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in our bodies and how we use them on a daily basis.  

"I would love to see some of you on our mats for the opportunity to really nourish your body and mind from the inside out."

Lia x

If you would like to join this Family Friendly HQ yoga event, all you have to do is register below and all necessary details will be sent on to you ahead of the class.


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