Mum Creates A Family "Holiday" While At Home And It Is Too Cute

Ah, holidays. It seems like an eternity since any of us were on an aeroplane jetting off for a getaway. But - maybe we're just not making the most of our time at home?

If you're feeling the pressure these days for something new to do, why not take a leaf out of this fantastic mum's book. Heather Hodgson took it upon herself to plan a family holiday for her husband and their daughter Scarlett - and they didn't even have to leave their house to do so.

Documenting it all on Twitter, her husband Dom uploaded the family's unexpected holiday for everyone to see. He began by telling his followers that it all started from the family "feeling a bit down recently".

And so, Heather told him to take two days off from work during the week, because they were going on holiday.

Dom and Scarlett were told to pack luggage for a flight and to make sure they've everything prepared for airport security.

The lucky travellers also managed to get an upgrade on their seats. Their travel destination? Hodgeland. Oh, we're jealous. We hear it's lovely this time of the year.

They were even provided with a (free!) bottle of water, some snacks, and had lovely views out the plane window.

After some in-flight entertainment provided by Disney's The Emperor's New Groove, it was time to disembark the aircraft and collect their luggage.

Dom and Scarlett did some exploring of Hodgeland on their own, as the dad tried out the family's "hire car". They eventually made it to the tropical hotel, and went for a dunk in the pool.

And finally, all of that effort, planning, and decorating took it out of mum Heather. Dom's final post about their family holiday read: "A well-deserved nap for mum, she has done an amazing day, I’m so proud and grateful for the effort she has put in, I know how lucky I am :)".

Now we all have no excuse for when we say we haven't been on a holiday in months! You can follow the full story over at Dom Hogdson's Twitter page.

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