Family Praised For Clearing Rubbish From Cork Woodlands At The Weekend

Gardai in Cork have shared their praise towards a selfless family who took time out of their weekend to help out the environment.

We all hate litterbugs. In this day and age, in a time when we're all trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible, it can be beyond frustrating to see our streets, roads, and parks littered with empty drink cans, crisp packets, and, these days, disposable masks. Not ever our woodlands are safe, unfortunately.

Gardai for the Cork, Kerry, and Limerick region recently shared a post on their Facebook page highlighting one family's commitment to the environment. Clearing the area around Glenabo Woods in Cork, the family spent their Sunday afternoon cleaning up other's people's rubbish and illegally dumped items.

As you can see in the Facebook post below, the family, who live locally, found old cushions from a sofa, as well as enough roadside rubbish to pack into a number of black bin bags.

Fermoy Gardai praised the selfless act of this local family, writing: "Earlier today, while carrying out crime-prevention patrols around some of our busier local amenities, Fermoy Gardaí observed large amounts of litter, collected around the popular Glenabo Woods area.

"We stopped and spoke with a family, who live nearby, and spent their Sunday picking up other people’s rubbish, leaving it ready for collection. It’s great to see such community spirit, but this family should be able to enjoy their locality litter-free.

"As we all seek out more places to visit within 5km of home, we urge people to act responsibly and keep shared spaces clean for visitors and residents alike. If you observe any suspicious behaviour, criminal or anti-social, please report it to Gardaí or Cork County Council Environmental Services. Email: [email protected] Tel: 021 4285518."

Earlier today, while carrying out crime-prevention patrols around some of our busier local amenities, Fermoy Gardaí...

Posted by Garda Síochána - Cork, Kerry & Limerick - Southern Region on Sunday, 31 January 2021

It is fantastic to see this initiative happening. If every family did this for a couple of hours each weekend, the country would be spotless in no time.

However, it goes without saying, that if we all did our bit, then this wouldn't need to happen at all. Here's hoping that 2021 can be our greenest year yet.

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