5 Types of Mammys You Want to Unfriend on Facebook

If you’re like us, your Facebook feed is made up of several types of mammy “friends”...

If you’re like us, your Facebook feed is made up of several types of mammy “friends”:
The true-blue kind (we don’t mean the Dubs, we mean those who you actually see in real life), co-workers/ex- colleagues, parents from your kids class or sports club, and a mix of old classmates and the odd random ‘stranger’ you met once.
Sound about right?
Chances are you want to unfriend one or two of these new feed-cloggers, but you won’t, because you’ll feel guilty or you are afraid that they will notice!
Here’s our breakdown of the different types of mammys on social media that you’d love to unfriend!
The Mammy Martyr:She’s the ultimate selfless bragger. “Flying to matches for all three of my kids today!” “Got to work early, and already have an hour done -success!” or “Volunteered to chaperone the scouts trip-  what was I thinking??” are just a few examples of the rants the Mammy Martyr is known to post. 
The Power Parent:She hits a 7 a.m. bootcamp, then dashes home to make dinner for five kids by 8.15am and manages to post twice on facebook that morning with a filter on her fitness / culinary delights proof. Her life on social media looks like an album of stock photos with perfect sun-kissed nose freckled children and a handsome, adoring, successful other half. You secretly detest the fact that she sometimes makes you feel inadequate, but enjoy stalking her pics on her timeline just for a good nosey!
The Mammy Bragger:All of her kids slept through the night from 3 weeks old! Her three year old has been accepted into "the best" montesorri  and her seven year old wears a scarf all year round in preparation for Trinity! But she'll not keep them to herself. Oh no!  The Mammy Bragger needs public adoration just to substantiate that these things really matter! 
The Mammy-Mammy: Her entire life is wrapped up in her children. All of it! She's made an album logging the episodes of her pregnancies for all three kids and shared it - twice! You'll see no evidence of a date night or a girls day out or an all adult experience because she's too busy logging all the great things she does as a mother. Her wall reads like a mummy blog! 
The TMI Mam: Information overloader! You'll get hour by hour reports on one of her kids chest infections. Daily updates on what happened with the other in toilet training today (all the news on it). She'll share the issues she had with the pre-school teacher or about the person who took up two car parking spaces at the shops. This mammy is constantly outsourcing the details of her life. She thinks this is okay and has said openly that she thinks Facebook is a great way to update everyone in her life all at once and saves her a fortune and saves her time. That's ok Mary, but your entire friend list does not just contain your close friends and family. My name is Jenny and I worked with you five years ago and and I now know about your kids toilet habits, what they ate for breakfast and how many parent rants you had today!
If the truth be told, there might be a little of all of these in our own Mammy Facebook "Type"?
Ah well! They know where the unfriend button is!

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