How To Make Stacey Solomon's Crayon Candles

We love following Stacey for all of her amazing DIY creations.

Stacey Solomon is known for keeping it completely real on her Instagram page - her honesty and positivity are what keeps her followers tuning in to her stories and posts again and again.

If you follow Stacey, you'll know that she also shares some great DIY and craft ideas. Her "Tap to Make" and "Tap to Tidy" stories have inspired so many people and let's be honest, they're pretty damn satisfying.

Recently, she shared this brilliant project for making your own candles at home using crayons, and we cannot wait to try it ourselves.

All you need are candle wicks, clean jars, crayons and according to Stacey, "a lot of friggin patience"!

Even so, the end result is so beautiful and will definitely keep little hands busy for a while.

How To Make Stacey Solomon
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

Simply glue a candle wick in each jar. Then begin to melt your crayons over a high heat. You will need to melt each crayon colour separately which may take a while, so keep this in mind when choosing how many colours you'd like to do! Stacey started out using roughly two crayons per colour, but admitted that they ended up using way more.

How To Make Stacey Solomon
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

Then, continue to melt and pour your colours one by one until the jar is full.

How To Make Stacey Solomon
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

Then, simply trim the wick to your desired size and you're done! Stacey and her kids added some sprinkles and a rainbow decoration to theirs, but they're just as lovely without them.

There you have it! If you give this gorgeous craft a go, let us know by tagging us in your wonderful creations on Instagram. Find us at @familyfriendlyhq


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