Stacey Solomon Doing Her Partner's Makeup Is The Laugh We All Needed

It's nice to know that even celebrity parents are willing to do just about anything to beat the lockdown boredom.

Life hack: if you ever need a laugh or some fancy storage solutions, follow Stacey Solomon on Instagram. She will have you crying with laughter one day and then screenshotting her tutorial for making a pig out of a watermelon the next. There really are no words.

Another thing that we love about Stacey is that she very much keeps it real - and when it comes to her relationship with TV presenter Joe Swash, she's about as real as it gets.

According to Stacey's Instagram, her older sons are gone to stay with their dads for Easter break, meaning things were quiet for Stacey, Joe and their youngest son, Rex. Until yesterday, that is, when Stacey decided to give Joe a full makeover - false lashes included.

Stacey Solomon Doing Her Partner
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

Stacey got the idea after Joe shaved his beard, leaving him with the perfect makeup base.

Stacey Solomon Doing Her Partner
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

Then, she got to work. Foundation, brows, lashes, mascara, eyeshadow, contour - the works.

Stacey Solomon Doing Her Partner
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

And to be honest, Joe does not seem unhappy with her handy work. Brows on fleek!

Stacey Solomon Doing Her Partner
Source: Instagram / @staceysolomon

And once Rex is awake, it all goes back to normal.

If you need us, we'll have our eyes glued to Stacey's page to see what she comes out with next.

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