Heartwarming Family Movies To Watch On Demand This Weekend

Heartwarming family movies are great because they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning there's something for everyone.

This weekend, we here at Family Friendly HQ thought that it was time to list some of the best heartwarming family movies available to watch on demand. Everyone needs a little bit of a pick me up these days!

Here are some of our favourites, from new releases to golden oldies.

The Karate Kid (Netflix)

We're going all the way back to the '80s for our first movie pick for the weekend, as we pay homage to the legendary Mr. Miyagi. A tale that has produced sequels, reboots, and follow-on series, if you haven't yet introduced your children to the wonders of The Karate Kid - now is the time. A true underdog story.

Big Hero 6 (Disney+)

This Disney movie (that is sometimes overlooked) deserves your undivided attention if you've yet to feast your eyes on it. Big Hero 6 is a heartwarming story dealing with dealing with loss, the power of friendship, and its all wrapped up as an epic superhero tale. It really is one of Disney's best.

Song of the Sea (Amazon Prime)

We couldn't compile a heartwarming family movies list without making reference to at least one of the amazing feature films created by Irish animation production company Cartoon Saloon. Inspired by the Irish folklore tale about the mythological Selkies, Song of the Sea sees two young children get caught up in a unique and wonderful journey.

Homeward Bound (Disney+)

Another stellar throwback which you might have forgotten about is the wondrous Homeward Bound. The '90s movie involves three pets - bulldog pup Chance, hilarious Himalayan cat Sassy, and wise old golden retriever Shadow - remark on a perilous journey across America as they try to reunite themselves with their owners. A perfect watch for the whole family.

Over The Moon (Netflix)

As we continue our adult journeys, it's important to always remember that we can never aim too high. It's the knowledge we should be passing onto the next generation. And that's exactly what Over the Moon on Netflix teaches us, as one young girl and her cute pet rabbit attempt to build a rocket that'll take them to the moon. And to make it even better, there are some very catchy musical tunes that we can all sing along to too.

School of Rock (Sky Cinema & NOW)

Finally, keeping it musical, who could ever resist the chaotic, wholesome charm of School of Rock? From Jack Black's devilish plan of making his way into the Battle of the Bands, to the hilarious and diverse ensemble cast of the school children ("You're a joke! You're the worst teacher I ever had!"), all topped off with Joan Cusack as the straight-edged principal? Genius.

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