Mum's Genius Parenting Hack Gets Kids To Take Their Medicine

This parenting hack is a gamechanger.

We've all been there. Staying up all night with sick little ones, battling to get their temperature down, bringing them to the doctor, getting a prescription - only to bring them home and have them absolutely refuse to take their medicine. The stress of it.

We've tried everything - telling them their medicine actually tastes like sweets, promising them a treat if they take it - the list is endless. And sometimes, they just point blank refuse.

However, this mum has shared a genius little trick that might just make your life that little bit easier the next time your little ones come down with something.

According to the Daily Star, Rach writes under 'Mummy Looks Funny' Blog on Facebook, and posted this hack to the awe and admiration of her followers, calling it the "parenting hack of the century".

In her post, Rach wrote, "Seeing as kids are germ infested and there's a plethora of sickness going round [sic] at the minute I'll share with you the hack that I dreamt up last year when I was at my wits end trying to get a tantruming toddler to get up off the floor and take a vile yellow antibiotic."

According to the genius mum-of-two, all you have to do is:

"1. Get your stinky medicine that your kid has been flat out refusing to take. Measure the required dose and put it on a spoon.

2. Grab some rainbow sprinkles. Dealers choice for the brand. I'm a high roller so we have tescos own make 😂.

3. Sprinkle the sprinkles onto the spoonful of previously repulsive liquid."

She also revealed that it works every time in her house.

The post has since gone viral, racking up 13k comments and a whpping 16k shares. It seems lots of parents were having the medicine battle at home, too.

What do you think? Does a spoonful of sugar really help the medicine go down?


Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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