Feel Good News : Singing An Post Workers Remind Us To Stay Home And Answer Ireland's Call

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It's time for some feel good news and we've got some great stories for you today. From singing An Post workers to good news about public health - these stories will hopefully give you a little swing in your step today.

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Free Flu Vaccines For Children Aged 2-12

I know it seems a bit bizarre to categorize this as good news, but in the context of being proactive and protecting our society it does feel like positive news. Simon Harris has decided that the flu vaccine will be free and available to all children aged 2-12 this year. The vaccine is currently free to those over 70 years of age. As part of this new initiative those who do not fit that age bracket, but who are considered to be in the at-risk groups, can also avail of the vaccine for free. According to the minister for health this decision is really important within the context of current oublic health concerns.

Chef Ben Wilson Made Some Delicious Pizza

We were delighted to find this brilliant step-by-step recipe for Pepperoni pizza on the Blossom Ireland twitter page. Blossom Ireland supports young people with intellectual disabilities to help them feel independent and active participants in their community. Ben Wilson is 16 years old and has Down Syndrome. His father Richie is the head chef at Fire Restaurant and we think you will agree that the recipe looks fantastic. Well done Ben!

Singing An Post Workers Sing Ireland's Call

We have no words for this. It made us smile, laugh and cry all at once. Throughout this pandemic An Post have played such a pivotal role in linking homes with eachother. For many people who are cocooning, the postman is the only person to have come near their front door for weeks. We think they are heroes and this video is positively stunning.

"by staying at home we'll answer Ireland's call"

The project's aim was to raise funds for frontline workers at Our Ladies Of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

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