Feel Good News : Meeting Baby Brother

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Many of us are finding the news overwhelming at the moment. It is full of unanswered questions and a host of uncertainties. Since the announcement of the strict guidelines regarding leaving our home it has taken our worries to a whole new level. At Family Friendly HQ we want to give you something to smile about. A daily check-point with the sole purpose of making you feel good. Here is today's feel good news.

Meeting Baby Brother For The First Time

While the rest of us have been focusing on social distancing and working from home, Ashling Farrell had a bigger job at hand. A couple of days ago she gave birth to beautiful baby boy Hayden Meagher. The moment he was born she immediately became overwhelmed with anticipation and excitement. You see, baby Hayden had a very important person to meet. In this video you will see the moment that big brother Joshua (aged 6) met his baby brother for the first time. It is simply beautiful. Joshua cannot believe that he is real. Welcome to the world Hayden, and congratulations to big brother Joshua and parents Ashling and Shane. Now that's good news.

Apartment Sing-Along In Cork

We came across this on the daily Cork Instagram page and it just captures the Irish spirit in such an amazing way. The inhabitants of The Elysian apartments in Cork didn't let social distancing get in the way of their weekend celebrations. In this video you can see the moving sing-a-long in Cork. People are sitting out on their balconies, having a drink and enjoying the live music provided by a fellow inhabitant. Who says you can't have a social life while social distancing?

Paramedic Brought To Tears As Entire Street Applaud Her

This is such a heartwarming video. We spotted it on Lad Bible's Instagram page and it filled us with joy. As 22 year old UK paramedic Tayla Porter left her house to set off for work at a local hospital, she was applauded by all of her neighbours for her work on the front line. In this news video Tayla is overwhelmed with emotion following the touching mark of respect. As part of the surprise neighbours left a box of "heroes" chocolates on top of her car as well as a homemade cake. Friday's RTE Late Late show was dedicated to Ireland's frontline workers and we really cannot thank them enough for their work during this very surreal time.

GAA, Supervalu And Centra "Club Together" To Support The Elderly In Our Communities

This is such a wonderful initiative. Club Together is a partnership between GAA, Supervalu and Centra to help support the elderly in our communities. During this time elderly people are incredibly vulnerable and need help to stock up on basic groceries. As part of this initiative the GAA have called upon all GAA clubs across the country to work with their local Supervalu or Centra and with the help of volunteers they can make a huge different to the elderly in their community. During these uncertain times we have to protect and support those who need it the most. Well done to all involved and please do get involved if you can. For more information click here.

Club Together
Club Together

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