Feel Good News: Drive-Thru Simulator Surprise For Son

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We all need a bit of positivity at the moment. A little laugh of heart-warming story can stay with you for the whole day. Laughter is the best form of medicine and we are dishing up those feel good vibes for Irish families. Speaking of feeling good, we are really enjoying all of your photos and videos of the #FamilyFun30 April challenge. We can't wait to announce the week one winner tomorrow!

So without further ado, here is today's feel good news. We hope it brings you some joy.

Drive-Thru Simulator Birthday Surprise

We can't get enough of this birthday surprise. UK Youtuber and Dad Blogger LadBaby has done the impossible and hacked a closed Mc Donalds restaurant. Well, kind of. As a father Mark Hoyle wanted to make his four year old son's birthday really special. They celebrated to the best of their ability given the limitations of social distancing, but there was one birthday wish that they simply couldn't grant. Until now that is.

Their son really wanted to go to Mc Donalds for a birthday treat but the restaurant chain is now closed due to Covid-19. This is where the magic happens. Mark Hoyle created an interactive Mc Donald's Drive-Thru Simulator in his living room and brought Mc Donalds to their home. In the video (below) you will see just how much joy this brought to the family. He's made it available on their family Youtube channel so why not get involved yourself?

Matthew McConaughey And Family Host Virtual Bingo For Seniors

Residents of a senior living facility in Texas were in for a treat when Matthew McConaughey and his family hosted a special virtual bingo game for them. The 50 year old father and actor huddled around the webcam with his family to shout out Bingo numbers with humour and enthusiasm. The residential centre had previously asked McConaughey to join them for a game of Bingo but due to Covid-19 he was unable to do so. The staff at the residential centre were thrilled to see McConaughey's creative solution and reported that it really lifted the spirits of the staff and senior residents at this difficult time.

Quarantined Couple Create Art Gallery For Pet Gerbil

I mean, we cannot unsee this. It is beyond adorable. A couple found themselves at home in quarantine like many of us. To fill up their time they decided to create an art gallery for their pet Gerbil. It is believed that the female worked at an art gallery and used her skills and knowledge to create a beautiful experience for their little pet. It might be the cutest thing we've ever seen....

Image Credit : Reddit.Com

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