Feel Good News : ASD Teacher Shares Helpful Sensory Videos

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We have really enjoyed sharing your good news throughout this series. Keep them coming! The news is currently full to the brim with overwhelming stories and statistics that leave us feeling stressed and anxious. While we need to know the facts, a lot of it is not helpful when it comes to our mental health. We want to bring you some nuggets of good news. We hope that these posts will bring a smile to your day. Here is today's feel good news!

ASD Teacher Shares Sensory Videos With Her Students

Mum of four Angela is a primary school teacher who specialises in teaching children with Autism. It is a total vocation to her as her own son has Autism. Angela understands how challenging the last couple of weeks have been for parents, but particularly for those who have children on the spectrum. Children for whom familiarity and routine are great comforts and essential for their development and general well-being.

Angela recently set up her Instagram page and has been sharing helpful resources and videos. Some of these videos are sensory videos that she has been sending to her students. Whether it's blowing bubbles, singing a song or performing a puppet show - Angela's followers have adored her content. Many of her followers have children with special needs and the way she speaks and demonstrates her lessons have been a great comfort to their children.

" I got a lovely message from a parent in my class, when her child watched the video I sent them, the child said “more Angela” that might not mean much, but this child has been non verbal and is only emerging verbal now, so that is great news and it made my day "

You can follow Angela here

Social Distancing Jiving

Coronavirus isn't getting in the way of this dancing duo! Mum Sheila and daughter Émer are getting their steps in with some social distancing jiving to their favourite country singer Nathan Carter. This really made us smile.

Welcome To The World Freya-Jo

A very special delivery has made it's way in to the world. Huge congratulations to mum Ruth and father Ash who have welcomed their third baby girl to the family. Freya-Jo is a very lucky little lady with big sisters Fallon and Farrah-Belle ready to love and dote on her for a lifetime. This certainly made us smile.

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