County Kerry Crowned With The Best Community Spirit In Ireland

A Cadbury survey conducted has given us a huge insight into the great community spirit of our little country.

Despite everything within the past year (and more), it's humbling to know that our Irish community spirit hasn't suffered during such challenging times. In fact, evidence shows that we've somehow become a closer nation, even though we've been more separate than ever.

Ireland’s unique sense of community spirit shone through in survey results released today by Cadbury Ireland, which set out to discover how our towns, villages and communities have rallied together over the past 12-months, to support and lend a hand to each other.

The following results are shining with positivity and it's great to see. According to the survey conducted across Ireland, a whopping 98% of us have helped others in some way over the past year. From calling to check on a family member or friend (58%), or an elderly neighbour (31%), to food shopping for someone cocooning (32%), we've all done our bit to help our communities and those in more need of an extra hand.

81% of those surveyed agree that Ireland has a good sense of community, while 88% of us would happily put a skill to good use to benefit someone in need. As you would imagine, we're all tuned in a bit more to receiving kindness these days, and 80% of us are more grateful for receiving small acts of kindness.

Even though we've been more separate than ever this past year, we've been able to dedicate more time to helping our local businesses too. 78% are shopping local where possible since the beginning of Covid-19. It's so encouraging to see that our Irish community spirit hasn't suffered since the country went into hibernation.

And as for which county in Ireland has the biggest community spirit? The Kingdom of course. County Kerry has been crowned the area of Ireland where community spirit is at its strongest, with 85% of people shopping local when they can. It's not all bad news for the rest of the country however, with no county scoring less than 73% when it comes to supporting local businesses.

All in all, this Cadbury survey just goes to show how much we can still do for one another, even though we've been challenged more than ever before. Not only are we gearing up for the country to open up again in the coming months, but it's fantastic to know that our communities are still thriving. Let's keep this momentum going even after the world goes back to normal, shall we?

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