Baby Box Scheme To Be Fully Rolled Out Across The Country

Each baby box provides a safe sleeping environment for the baby along with essentials such as blankets, nappies, thermometers and clothes.

Following more than a year of campaigning the "baby box" scheme has been officially included in the Programme For Government. Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond has pushed for the decision and is delighted to finally see it moving forward.

The scheme was originally piloted two years ago in two maternity hospitals in Ireland. University Hospital Limerick was the first to trial the initiative which was originally aimed at increasing the survival rate of babies in Ireland.

Each box provides a safe sleeping environment for the baby along with essentials such as blankets, nappies, thermometers and clothes. The idea behind the boxes is very much steeped in equality. With a baby box every baby born in Ireland has the same start in life. According to

" This programme will ensure that regardless of their means, all parents can rest assured that their babies will have what they need. "

The idea originated in Finland almost eighty years ago with a nationwide uptake of almost 95%. What originated as a gesture for low income families quickly became a standard for all babies born in the country. In 2017 Scotland introduced the scheme for all babies born in the country and Ireland appears to be following suit.

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The quads spent the first few months of their life sleeping in a cardboard box. And if I did it all again, and had all the time to prepare and not procrastinate, I would still have them sleep in a cardboard box. I frequently tell new moms-to-be that are stressed about being ready about our cardboard box sleeping situation because in reality, babies don’t need much. I joke these are just cardboard boxes but they are really so much more. Based on the tradition from Finland, they are part of a program one of our neonatologist leads in Colorado that gives families the essentials they need to bring home their baby while providing education on baby safety, including safe sleep. To get the box, you took a short online course and quiz. With preemies at home and some postpartum anxiety, I was obsessed with safe sleep and these boxes made it easy - they were easy to move around and to take up/downstairs. If you’re wondering why my nightstand is a diaper box and why our bookshelves are empty, that’s all part of our bring home baby to a new house you haven’t prepared story 😜 2 years later and I still have the Pampers nightstand! 📦📦📦📦 #thefairfour - - - - #babybox #babyboxuniversity #thebabyboxco #safesleep #newborn #preemie #nicugraduate #nicubabies #preemiestrong #preemiebaby #backisbest #halosleepsack #babysafety #postpartumanxiety #quadruplets #momsofmultiples #newmom #newparents #mamatomany #mamatobe #infantsleep #infantsafety #newbornsafety #beststartprogram #multiples

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The scheme has officially been included in the Programme For Government which represents a commitment to ensure that all babies born in Ireland will receive a baby box at birth. TD Neale Richmond is delighted that the campaigning has had a positive outcome.

" After campaigning for Baby Boxes for over a year, I am delighted to see that the nationwide roll out of the Baby Box programme is included in the Programme for Government for the very first time "


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