5 Irish Positive Birth Stories

If you are consuming birth media that makes you feel good it starts to change the language you are speaking about birth.

When I was pregnant I had a bit of an addiction to reading birth stories. I know some women prefer to stay away from that kind of thing but I loved it. I loved watching an array of different birth scenarios unfold and the fact that regardless of the type of birth it could still be a positive experience. It helped me feel calmer about my birth. I went on to have an unplanned home birth and it was an incredible experience.

A lot of women feel fearful about birth because of the unknown. The biggest day of your life is fast approaching but you're just not quite sure when. It is a very surreal type of fear. Researching positive birth stories can be a powerful way to overcome some of that fear. If you are consuming birth media that makes you feel good it starts to change the language you are speaking about birth. Suddenly you are focused on the possibilities rather than the fear.

Here are five Irish positive births that we loved hearing about.

Born On The M50

Jen Brady gave birth on the M50. She has the full birth story saved as a highlight on her page and we loved every minute of it.

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Feeling like superwoman here after my second little girl was born in a big hurry in our car (on the M50!) almost five years ago. If you fancy hearing a really dramatic but very positive birth story, check out my stories today (will save to highlights too). We can’t predict how and when our babies will be born, but my hope for every woman is that they feel respected, enabled and empowered to have a positive birth...no matter how it happens. Can’t wait to finish my Antenatal teacher training with @antenatalireland and to bring independent, positive, evidence based Antenatal classes to you. #ashbournemeath #ratoath #dunshaughlin #dunboyne #momsofinstagram #newmom #babymassage #roadside #m50 #dublinfirebrigade #borninthecar #speedydelivery #antenatalclass #antenatal

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The Lockdown Birth

We came across this positive birth story on the Positive Birth Ireland Instagram page (which is full of wonderful stories and advice) and it really made us smile. Emma wasn't expecting to be admitted that day. Her husband and lovely midwife kept her smiling (even if some of it was via video call) and it was the best day of their lives.

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What an amazing birth story ❤️ thank you so much for sharing @emmabarry88 I went for my 39 week check up on 21.05.20 at 4pm and was in total disbelief when they said they were admittimg me to the pre labour ward as I was already dialated. I had to call my husband who was waiting outside and tell him I was being admitted. It was scary knowing that I was going to be on my own until it was time to go to the labour ward, however the midwives in The Rotunda were so reassuring and encouraging. I stayed in touch with my husband via video call. We had a laugh and he helped me breathe through my contractions. When he was able to join me we were shocked to find out that I was already 7cm. Our midwife Margaret is someone who I will never forget. She and my husband kept me focused and calm. On 23.05.20 I began pushing at 3.40am and our beautiful Baby Boy Dawson Doyle was born at 3.59am weighing 7lbs 5.5oz The Best Day of our lives 💙 #birthinlockdownireland #positivebirthireland #therotunda #midwivesareamazing #supermom

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A Positive Caesarean

Heather is an all-round lovely human who does great work around all things gentle parenting. Heather used GentleBirth throughout her pregnancy and regularly speaks about the positive Caesarean that wasn't the birth she had planned for but was the most incredible experience of her life.

The Home Birth

Lucianne is doing great work to help promote all things Positive Birth in Ireland. Last year she had a planned homebirth and it sounded incredible. Check out her highlights to hear about Poppy's beautiful birth.

The Coombe Water Birth

Another amazing story courtesy of the Positive Birth Ireland Instagram page. Amanda had an amazing water birth at The Coombe and her husband managed to take this stunning photograph. What a powerful mama!

Tracey Quinn

Proud mum of two who got married on Don't Tell The Bride and had an accidental home-birth (loves a good story). She's passionate about breastfeeding, positive thinking & all things cosy.

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