3 Of Our Favourite Rock Painting Ideas For Kids

Painting some stones can make for lots of (contained) messy fun for you and your kids.

If you're running out of ideas on how to entertain the kids, running out into the garden and grabbing some fun-shaped stones may be the answer. Allowing them to choose a pattern and paint them onto the various different stones can make for lots of fun for your kids (and a cuppa break for you!).

With a little bit of imagination, you can do a lot more with some simple paint and stones than you may initially think. Plus, picking out stones to paint is a lovely way to make a walk on the beach a whole lot more exciting!

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Here are three of our favourite rock painting ideas for kids.


They really do pop up everywhere, don't they? These minion rocks are ridiculously cute and using just a few primary colours, you and the kids could easily create these at home. The best part about Minions is, they can be whatever shape or size you like - check out this brilliant collection of Minion rocks below. We love them!

3 Of Our Favourite Rock Painting Ideas For Kids
Credit: Pinterest


Who doesn't love these little garden friends? In a few easy peasy steps, you can create your very own hedgehog pals that you can display in the garden or, take it a step further and paint some flowers on to a piece of green card to create your own hedgehog garden!

3 Of Our Favourite Rock Painting Ideas For Kids
Credit: Pinterest


Okay, these might be my favourite. They are so easy to do and when displayed together, they are so effective. You can either paint them one colour and draw their characteristic faces on with a black marker, or you can take it up on a notch and paint the edge of them to look like someone has taken a bite out of them like below.

3 Of Our Favourite Rock Painting Ideas For Kids
Credit: Pinterest

Happy crafting!

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