Joe Wicks Livestreamed His First P.E. Lesson And It Was Tough

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is now holding live P.E. lessons for kids from Monday to Friday at 9 am.

If you're heading into your second week of the kids being off school, you'll know how difficult it is to keep them occupied all day every day. It's also difficult trying to keep them healthy and active while socially distancing, as this means normal activities like football, swimming and even going to the playground are a no-go.

That's why Joe Wicks, or The Body Coach, has decided to get kids moving at home by hosting live P.E. lessons from Monday to Friday at 9am.

This morning, he live-streamed his very first at home lesson and boy oh boy was it tough.

At the time of writing, the lesson had reached an amazing 1,752,877 views, showing that kids and families everywhere were tuning in and showing up for themselves and their health today.

At the beginning of the livestream, Joe thanked everyone who had promoted his live P.E. lessons, saying how important it is that kids stay active and healthy.

He said,

"I am a man on a mission. I've been doing this for four years now - going into schools, visiting schools all over the UK trying to inspire young people to exercise. This very week, I was supposed to be going back on tour all over the country exercising with 10,000 kids and it got cancelled and I was really upset."

He continued,

"I was laying in bed on Wednesday night and at midnight this idea came into my head - 'P.E. with Joe'. I thought, I'm going to do a live workout every day and I'll stream it on YouTube. I put it out into the world, I didn't know what was going to happen and the response has been incredible."

We think this is a brilliant idea - it is wonderful to see such a positive, healthy activity for kids being widely promoted and enjoyed during this uncertain time. Will you be tuning in to tomorrow's P.E with Joe?

Sophie Gavin

Sophie is the Junior Content Executive at Family Friendly HQ.

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