Expert Tips To Help Children Get In To Golf

Golf is a great activity for children which can be enjoyed from a young age.

As the country begins to "re-open" in a phased manner we are in a position where our children can technically play together for a little while. This is great news for families because I think we can all agree that our children were missing interacting with children their own age. It is encouraged that these play-dates are short and that social distancing measures are put in place to keep everyone safe.

Some parents may find themselves struggling to encourage their childrens' regular activities because many of them are impossible to do in a socially distant manner. It could be a good time to try a new sport or exercise. Golf is a great activity which can be enjoyed from a young age. There are lots of benefits to playing golf such as improved hand-eye co-ordination, concentration skills and let's not forget that all important fresh air which benefits everyone.

You might be wondering where to start when it comes to helping you child consider Golf as a sport. We've got some expert tips to help you do just that.

Keep It Snappy

According to Golfsupport the key to keeping children interested in a sport like Golf is to keep the games short initially. You want to hold their full attention and enthusiam for the duration. If that means reducing the amount of holes in a particular game then go with that.

Invest In The Right Equipment

According to the experts many children's golf clubs are too long and too heavy. If the club is not appropriate for your child's height and energy levels then they will not enjoy using it. Golfsupport have trained staff who can help you with this. Just ask in store.

If the club is not appropriate for your child's height and energy levels then they will not enjoy using it

Practice Makes Perfect

The secret to improving any skill is practice. For this reason it is important to designate lots of time to helping your child perfect their swing. Later evening is a good time to practice as your child is less likely to feel embarrassed or under pressure with too many people around.

Keep Things Fun

If your child is having fun then they will want to do more of that activity. Keep things light, give lots of praise and try to keep criticism to a low. Compliment them on their great effort and swing as they continue to practice.

Remember You're Speaking To A Child

Try to avoid using complicated words and instructions and keep it child-friendly. It will take some time for your child to understand the terminology and ideas so try to be patient and keep things relevant to their age.

For more information visit Golfsupport.


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