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P.E and team sports are an important part of our children's education. They encourage our children enjoy movement and being active which is important for their overall health.

Many of us are currently home-schooling our children for the very first time. This is no easy task given the fact that many of us are also working from home in tandem. Some of our children's teachers have been in contact regarding resources and downloadable content to aid us with subjects like Maths, English and Irish however our children are definitely missing the exercise they enjoy at school.

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P.E and team sports are an important part of our children's education. They encourage our children enjoy movement and being active which is important for their overall health. It also teaches them a great deal about being part of a team. These activtivities tend to get our children out of the classroom and in to fresh air too. There are so many benefits that come with outdoor time for our children and during this time of social distancing this may be a challenge (or completely impossible) for many families.

Some people are lucky enough to live in a place where they can enjoy some outdoor time and still adhere to social distancing guidelines. Social media is awash with videos and images of children playing sports in their gardens or taking walks around their area in a safe manner. If this is not an option for your child it is a great time to explore some online exercise resources to get them moving.

Here are our favourites

P.E With Joe Wicks

We are huge fans of everything that Joe Wick's does. His cookbooks and baby weaning content is fantastic. This is no different. To support parents and children who are in isolation or social distancing, Joe Wicks has started remote P.E classes that people can tune in to from the comfort of their homes. Over 800,000 people tuned in to the first "class" and we think it is an amazing idea to encourage our children to exercise during this time. The classes are available from his YouTube channel and they will be happening at 9am every weekday morning.


GoNoodle is a movement and mindfulness website. You may have heard your children talking about it after school some days. Many educators use this website to introduce movement and mindfulness in to the classroom environment. GoNoodle are now offering their resources to parents. According to their website

"Teachers trust GoNoodle to help their students stay active, focused, and calm while infusing good energy into their classrooms. Now, with so many kids home from school, we want to keep that good energy going with GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home, a free online resource. GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home provides ways for kids and families to move and learn together. "

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a game changer when it comes to children exercising at home. It is an interactive yoga experience for children and features their favourite TV characters such as Pokemon, Frozen and nursery rhymes such as Three Little Pigs. Episodes are usually 15-30 minutes and are available for Free on the Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel however the website has a number of extra resources including stories, lesson plans and advice about yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids.

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