Amazing Arts And Crafts Ideas With Mrs Brown Art

Mrs Brown (also known as Amy) is an award winning art educator based in America.

In recent weeks we have been running a selection of helpful takeovers on our Instagram account. As part of this series we welcomed Mrs Brown Art to do a takeover and share her arts and crafts ideas.

Mrs Brown (also known as Amy) is an award winning art educator based in America. Her Instagram page is our go-to when we are looking for arts and crafts inspiration for our children. Her enthusiasm for art education and creativity is completely infectious and her ideas have made all the difference since the schools closed and we began social distancing.

Here are some of Mrs Brown Art's brilliant ideas for arts, crafts and home learning in general.

Home Made Playdough

Children of all ages love playdough and it is actually really good for fine motor skill development. Why not take things up a notch and make your own playdough? It's a double whammy as a craft and play activity. The instructions and method are in this post.

Tree Art

We love this idea. It's so simple and pretty. The idea behind "birch tree art" is to use masking tape to create the rough shape of a tall birch tree. You then paint the page however you like and when the page is dry you can remove the tape and you are left with the white tree shape with beautiful colours surrounding it. You can see some examples below.

Weave Art

We have never seen this before and it is incredibly creative and beautiful. Mrs Brown Art regularly features these weave creations on her Instagram feed and we cannot get enough of them. This would be a great idea for fine motor skills too. You can learn more about weave art here on her Instagram page.

Bonus Photo

We couldn't not show these amazing shoes. You'll see from her page that art filters through every part of Mrs Brown Art's life and that includes her wardrobe. We love her enthusiasm. Have fun creating!

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