Spanish Window Artwork Movement Catches On For Irish Families

Children from all walks of life around the country have been showing off their colourful creations by displaying their artwork on their windows and doors almost like a virtual parade.

In a bid to flatten the curve and protect the most vulnerable in society, schools closed nationwide last Thursday until at least March 29th. Following that announcement, the government cancelled all St.Patrick's Day festivities, social gatherings and have asked all communities to practice social distancing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

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Naturally many children have felt the burden, with all extracurricular activities being cancelled and being stuck indoors away from their friends for the foreseeable future, but one little walk around your neighbourhood right now will make your heart burst with absolute pride. 

A movement which initially started in Spain just last week saw children putting up their homemade artwork creations in their windows in a bid to keep everyone motivated and make their neighbours a bit more colourful. 

Then when the children went on a walk with their parents while continuing to practise social distancing with others, they could look at the colourful artwork adorning the windows of friends houses and other children within their community. 

The wholesome idea spreading positivity in uncertain times has since gone viral in various Facebook groups with many parents and teachers sharing artwork suggestions and ideas to help keep our spirits up as we expect to spend Paddy's Day behind closed doors.  

Over the past couple of days, children from all walks of life around the country have been showing off their colourful creations by displaying their artwork on their windows and doors almost like a virtual parade, and it is giving us all the feels. 

Talking about the campaign, mum of three and blogger Cassandra said:

"We are only two days in and I can’t help but ponder how lucky I am to be part of such a gorgeous community where we live."

"I’m already missing the daily waves in the car. The hellos at the school gate and the daily smiles of thanks to the teachers. Even the boys disappearing in our local Supervalu because they have met ten more of their friends (even if I do get a tad edgy when they do!). It’s all part of our daily life."

She, like many other Instagrammers, is encouraging people to share messages of positivity through their window artwork just like Arty Arts Dublin who started the hashtag #windowconnections.

"I’m glad that something (albeit would have preferred something less extreme!) has made me realise how appreciative I am of it. It makes me happy to come across ideas to help keep them connected. Who’s on board with this idea?"

"We are starting the #windowconnections campaign to keep people connected during these uncertain times. Create a message in your window for people passing by. A fun way to keep the kids busy!"

"Why not change your message daily. No art materials are needed, rummage in the recycle bin, get creative and use what's to hand. But most importantly have fun, #stayconnected and #sharethelove," they wrote. 

And now we are encouraging others to get involved and to celebrate inside out with your very own art flash mob. Post a photograph of your art work here and we will enter you into a competition to win a selection of books by Irish authors and illustrators, for the day that's in it. 

Everyone is a bit scared, but we are less scared together.

Kellie Kearney

Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. She loves coffee, cloth nappies, travel and sharing her every day true to life family moments on Instagram.

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