How To Get Your Teenager To Take Part In Christmas Fun

As we know, teenagers are a little harder to impress when it comes to festive fun!

While you may think Grandpa Joe is hilarious for burping the alphabet, your teenager may not.

Christmas is the best time of year for having fun and letting your hair down for a few days while you eat lots and be merry, however, not all teenagers will want to play a role in the family fun for the fear of not being “cool” and this may upset some parents.

There are some things you can do to get your teenager involved in the Christmas spirit! Here are some tips on how to get your teenager to take part in Christmas fun:

Bribe them.

There is no need for judgement but sometimes doing a bit of “business” with your teen is the best way to get them to take part in festivities! Now, no one is suggesting you pay them too much, but you could negotiate a trade-off.

A trade-off could be agreeing to let them go to a party over Christmas or allowing them to see their friends on Christmas morning before joining the family for the rest of Christmas Day. While this is frowned upon by some, it may be exactly what you need to get them to be more present this Christmas. 

How To Get Your Teenager To Take Part In Christmas Fun
Meeting your teenager halfway is key to getting them to be involved in Christmas fun.

Tell them how it important it is to you.

Teenagers don’t mean to upset you and while you may take it personally that your teenager would prefer to be in their bedroom instead of with family, you need to learn to not take it to heart.

Teens just like their own company or they simply like spending time with their pals and that’s something we all enjoyed in our younger years.

One way to encourage them to take part in Christmas fun and games is by telling your teenager how important it is to not only you but all the family. Remind your teen of how vital family is, especially at Christmas time. Others may not be as fortunate as you and your family, and it is important they understand this and at least make an effort.

Think of your teenager and pick your battles.

Your teenager may not want to play Monopoly with their grandmother for six hours, but they may not mind playing for two hours. Equally, your teen may play with their siblings and take an interest in their toys for a while but then should be allowed to go and do what they like.

Don’t forget to ask your teenager what they would like to do and there may be a certain game they like that they’ll be happy to share with you. Even if it means technology, it is fine as long as everyone is having fun. Older family members will love learning how to play a video game and younger siblings may enjoy spending time in a gamers chair.

Meeting your teenager halfway is key to getting them to be involved in Christmas fun. Let them know that you respect their need for space but encourage them to spend time with family. 

Good luck!

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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